Westchester Modular Homes



Highland, NY - 1,424 SF - Freedom Ranch
We've been married for 40 years and always wanted to build a custom home. We already owned the land but could never decide exactly what we wanted to build. Working with an engineer/architect we set out to design our own stick-built home. After many months of work to get the design just the way we wanted, we hired a local builder to get an estimate of what it would cost to build. We were shocked when we got the estimate and couldn't believe it was so expensive to build the relatively modest home we had designed so we decided to look into a "modular" home instead.
Being from a time when "modular" homes were thought to be sub-standard to stick-built homes, we were skeptical at first. Sure, the glossy brochures looked great and the claims of advanced "factory" construction techniques and energy efficiency ratings couldn't be matched by old-fashioned methods, but we weren't convinced. Then came another shock, only this time we were pleased to learn that with a "modular" we could build what amounted to twice the house for the same amount of money that stick-building would have cost! We were sold.
Then came the hard part, finding a "modular" home dealer we could trust and who would work with us to get the custom features we wanted. Luckily, we found Westchester Modular Homes Construction Corporation (WMHCC) in Rock Tavern, NY. We called and left a message. Since we were building in southern Ulster county, our call was returned the next day by Pat, the WMHCC salesperson for that region. Within a few days met Pat at the WMHCC model home in Rock Tavern and as they say, the rest is history.
Pat worked with us for weeks as we chose a design (the Freedom model) and then began to customize. A different roof pitch, cathedral ceilings, all hardwood floors; all no problem for WMHCC. Special windows and doors, the tile colors we wanted for the bathrooms and entryway, right down to the placement of electrical and CATV outlets no problem for WMHCC. Pat worked with us through it all with patience and professionalism and we were able to get all the features we wanted just right before finalizing the design.
WMHCC even recommended a local bank with experience financing modular homes and again we were impressed with the level of competence and service we received. Our plans were drawn, WMHCC obtained a building permit from our local building inspector and we were off and running. Our foundation was built and the custom home we ordered was delivered shortly after. That's when we met Andy, our builder from WMHCC with many years of experience. Andy worked with us on a daily basis as the home was "set" on the foundation and he began to bring in crew after crew of tradesmen, plumbers, electricians, one after the other until the home was finished and we got our certificate of occupancy.
Behind the scenes at WMHCC was Katie, the administrative whiz that keeps the gears turning, keeps everyone synchronized and does just about everything that needs doing, was always working on our behalf. And of course, there was Jadzia in accounting at the WMHCC home-office in Brewster, NY who made it easy to get through the unnerving process of paying for everything as the construction progressed.
Throughout the entire process, and it is a complicated process, the most important thing we found was reliability. The WMHCC team was always there when we called, texted or emailed with questions, opportunities or just for moral support. They handled everything we asked for with a winning attitude and a friendly approach. Never once were we left to wonder what was going on with the project. Never did our questions go unanswered. They were there for us every single day from start to finish.
It's hard to express our gratitude in just these few short paragraphs for the great service we received from all the folks at WMHCC but especially our team, Pat, Katie, Andy and Jadzia all great people who worked together with one goal in mind to build us a great custom home and make it an experience we will always remember. We feel like we not only have the best home we could have built for the money, we also met some great new friends who were honest, genuine and made the experience of building our own custom home satisfying beyond our expectations. Our new home is beautiful and we're very happy with it and we couldn't have done it without the team at WMHCC. Ron and Marie T.


White Plains, NY - 2,500 SF - Custom Ranch
"You did a terrific job in putting my house together in a timely manner. Everyone involved was courteous and very efficient. Thank you so much. " Terri A.


Haverstraw, NY - 3,456 SF - Colonial
"Building a custom house is not an easy project but we have to say, we are very pleased with our new home. This has been a dream of ours for many years and WMH made it happen. It has been a pleasure dealing with the staff and construction crew at Westchester Modular Homes Construction Corp in Rock Tavern. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for all your help" Jay & Julie H.


Greenburgh, NY - 2,700 SF - Custom Ranch
"The team at Westchester Modular Homes Construction Corp. was as usual very good, professional and did a great job. Thank you very much." Claudette B.


Wallkill, NY - 720 SF - Custom Cape
"We want to thank you for a wonderful construction experience. About a year ago, we had an idea of what we wanted and didn't know where to start. We were daunted by all the things we needed to consider. From out first discussion with the staff we had guidance and a good feeling about the whole process we were about to undertake. We were not disappointed.

From the planning stage to the demo of a previous structure to the new house set and finishing touches - you have been there for us every step of the way. The constant support of the office staff was a godsend. Whenever there was a question or concern, an answer was only a phone call or email away. To all the contractors (excavators, carpenters, plumbers, insulators, sheetrockers, painters, electricians etc.) - It was wonderful to see people that still take pride in their work. I would hire any one of them personally again!
To our site manager - thank you for a perfect set and getting the job done. You said one Saturday while installing the basement door "whatever it takes to get the job done". It's a pleasure to find someone so committed to their work.
You have all been like family and we're almost sorry to see it coming to an end. Words cannot express how happy we are with our modular home. Thank you Westchester Modular Homes for making our dream come true! It's been a pleasure." Maria & Vinny G.


Wappingers Falls - 1,200 SF - Cape
"I have been in my home almost four years. I have gotten many compliments on the design and workmanship. I am more than happy." Carol M.


Shrub Oak - 2,700 SF - Custom Ranch
"It was a great experience working with staff from planning to construction. I would highly recommend modular to all" Claudette B.


Briarcliff, NY - 1,920 SF - Custom Ranch
"Thank you all for making this project such a wonderful experience!" Art S.

South Salem, NY - 3,200SF - Custom Colonial/Cape
"We are very appreciative to Westchester Modular for making our dreams a reality."

"On January 3rd, 2012, our house completely burned down to the foundation due to an electrical problem. We lost everything, but thankfully everyone was able to get out of the house injury free, & despite fighting the fire for over 13 hours, no emergency personnel were injured. There was no doubt that we wanted to rebuild on this beautiful parcel of land located on a small lake in Northern Westchester County. The problems began when we contacted various contractors to review new architectural plans which we spent a couple of months developing. Not only were they slow in their bids, with some never even contacting us, but the timing schedule was projected to be excessive, and costs that were quoted totally ignored our budget as established by the insurance benefits. Still traumatized from the fire, prospects seemed bleak.


We decided to explore modular construction, & contacted two companies in Pennsylvania, one in Massachusetts, & Westchester Modular. Since the foundation was still able to be repaired, this presented a little challenge for a modular company to work off a "non-traditional" foundation. Two of the three modular companies promptly withdrew their interest. From the start, the sales people at Westchester Modular displayed not only a sensitivity to our loss, but a sincere interest to get us back in a house that we would be very happy with & in a timely & cost effective manner. In only a month's time, we arrived at a final plan which was in accordance with our budget without making extreme compromises in our design. Additionally, we were promised that we would be in the house sooner than expected.


When the construction team then took over, we were constantly kept informed about the progress, & true to form the modular's were delivered on time & assembled efficiently despite some harsh weather conditions. The "onsite" team then took over, coordinating all of the various sub contractors while continuing to allow input & feedback from us. Any concerns that we presented were promptly addressed & rectified. Our interactions with everyone involved with our new home construction was nothing but professional,positive & productive. The initial sales people even checked in at times to ensure our satisfaction with the project.


The fire is now nothing but a distant memory as we are enjoying life in our new home. We are very appreciative to Westchester Modular for making our dreams a reality. The sensitivity, attentiveness, & efficiency displayed by everyone involved in the project will always stand out when thinking about Westchester Modular Construction Corp. " Drs. Nancy & Paul S.

Valhalla,NY - 2,500 SF - Custom Colonial
"We were so happy with the home that Westchester Modular in Brewster, NY built for us, that we built a second home with them 5 years later."

"We researched and viewed other modular home builders and found that the quality of Westchester Modular Homes is simply superior to that of other builders. They are a one stop shop and do everything from drawings to the foundation and of course supplying the actual home. They took care of everything from pre-construction to post construction, so that we were not working with multiple contractors and worrying about who is responsible for what. Vinny, the sales person helped guide us through the sale and pre-construction process and Pat always responded to our questions immediately during construction and post construction phase.

Westchester Modular built our homes with our input and needs in mind and we were delighted and satisfied with both of our homes. If we were to build again, we would definitely use Westchester Modular Homes and we have always recommended them to anyone interested in building a home. " Howard & Christine T.


Montgomery, NY - 1,301 SF - Raised Ranch
"... As soon as we walked into the Orange County model we knew that we found our house. We were able to work with a great bunch of people planning our home. The day our house arrived was an amazing event to watch... We have been living in our home since March and love every minute of it. The quality of work and the experience we had were great. We were able to get everything we wanted in our new home and couldn't be happier. Thank you for making our dream come true." Leslie & Salvatore C.


Pleasantville, NY - 1,222 SF - Roof Raiser
"I cannot say enough good things about Westchester Modular and the positive experience that we had working with them. From the very beginning of the project, until the last day when construction was completed, everyone that we worked with was pleasant, professional, and most importantly, reliable. They stayed within their allotted timeframe and did quality work. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!" Danielle & Anthony C.


Mahopac, NY - Colonial
"I hope you all made it through Sandy unscathed. I have never experienced such fierce wind in my life! I wanted to reach out and thank you and WMH for providing me with such a high quality house - survived that storm with zero damage, not even a loose shutter!" Paul B.


Bedford, NY - 624 SF - Custom Addition
"Thank you for helping us through the process of adding an addition onto our existing house. We are thrilled with the outcome and cannot wait for the final last touches. You have all guided us seamlessly through something that could have been very complicated and difficult. I appreciate your time, email, patience and guidance over the last few weeks. We completed the project in perfect time to decorate it before we bring our newest member of the family home...We look forward to working with you again in the future."
Matt & Emily M.


Greenburgh, NY - 2,496 SF - Custom Colonial
"Our neighbors continue to stop and look in amazement. We have received numerous cards and gifts welcoming us to the neighborhood. Thank you!"Clarence H.


Chappaqua, NY - 2,550 SF - Custom Chalet
"Can't believe I took on this project as a real novice and actually have a house that is basically as I envisioned"Helen W.


Armonk, NY - 2,000 SF - Custom Colonial
"The house set was a pretty incredible experience for me. I arrived at 7:45am and the first box was already set. By 9:30am, the 4th box was in place. I was very impressed with how quickly each piece was rigged in place and in all the preparation in between rigs. I've witnessed the rigging of many generators, cooling towers, chillers, rooftop ACs, etc. for my clients, but never one as personal, beautiful and this meaningful to us. I was blown away by it and you should all be proud."Phil Y.


Croton-on-Hudson, NY - 1,424 SF - Custom Cape
"WMHCC had the right product at the right price. I liked the idea of starting with a base house and adding / customizing as I wished - giving me control over costs and features...I would and have recommended WMHCC to friends and others who ask me about my house."Dan S.


Larchmont, NY - 2,796 SF - Bedford Colonial
"Post-sale support has been excellent in that Liz has resolved any and all issues we encountered. We definitely went with the right company when we decided to have Westchester Modular build our house."Mike & Orsola V.


Pleasantville, NY - 2,464 SF - Custom Colonial
"Westchester Modular cared for us as individuals and not just thinking about another job. That was clear when you went out of your way to help us financially through this. Thanks for everything."Garry L.


Putnam Valley, NY 2,600 SF - Custom Saratoga
After 10 years of dreaming and planning and then battling with the township, we are celebrating our first Christmas in our new home. We will probably be marked as the longest sale in Westchester Modular history; mind you none of the delays were due to Westchester Modular Homes.
There must be some truth in the adage 'Good things come to those who wait'
Pride in ownership should be on your logo because the house is a true gem. With the thousands of complements I have received from strangers and friends two of them I hold with high regard. "A lot of thought was put into this house" and "the house looks like it's been there for 100 years"
I just wanted to formally thank you and your team for all the hard work and patience it took to build what some call The Lady on the Lake.
Thomas & Lisa G.