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Westchester Modular Construction Corp’s mission is to build high quality homes
that are easily available to anyone, without taking forever to complete or costing a fortune.

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Employee Owed Company That Offers


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Initial custom floor plans, site plan development and engineering, excavation, foundations, and all related other construction activities to complete your brand new home.


  • "I have been in my home almost four years now. I have gotten so many compliments on the design, workmanship, and layout. I'm so happy with Westchester Modular Homes Construction Corps work."
    Carol M.
    Wappingers Falls
  • "You did a terrific job in putting my house together in a timely manner. Everyone involved was courteous and very efficient. Thank you so much for all you and your team have done."
    Terri A.
    Custom Ranch
    White Plains, NY
  • "The team at Westchester Modular Homes Construction Corp was as usual very good, professional and did a great job on everything. Thank so much guys. What an amazing job you did!"
    Claudette B.
    Custom Ranch
    Greenburgh, NY
  • "We were so happy with the home that Westchester Modular in Brewster New York built for us the first time around, that we decided to build a second home with them 5 years later."
    Tom S.
    Custom Colonial
    Valhalla, NY